Blissfest333 International Film Festival
CommUNITY. Creativity. BLISS…

Featuring Films from Filmmakers from all over the world.
This year Blissfest is proud to present 47 new International
and Colorado-based films.

August 25th | 11am-5pm - August 26th | 11am-6pm
Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake Location
4255 W. Colfax Ave. , Denver, CO 80204
Saturday, August 25th 2018
(Film Times Subject to Change)

Block 1 (11:00 AM- 12:30 PM) 90 minutes RT: 74.5

Canopy (RT:3:30) Filmmaker: Adam Rosenberg
You’re Welcome (RT: 9:00) Filmmaker: Rebecca Panian
Bot (22:34) Filmmaker: Daniel Hoffmann
Eat (6:30) Filmmaker: Moritz Krämer
Less Than Me (3:29) Filmmaker: Paul Broderick
The Knife Salesman (RT:10:23) Filmmakers: M. Leonard & J. Helmer
Weeen (14:00) Filmmaker: Nils Vleugels
Dear Mom (RT: 4:00) Filmmaker: Travis Lupher
Filmmaker Q&A

Block 2 (12:45- 2:45 PM) 120 minutes RT: 101.5Iron Hands (RT: 11:00)

Filmmaker: Johnson Cheng
M (RT: 3:00) Filmmaker: Travis Lupher
Self Talk (RT:2:33) Filmmaker: Jon Sargent
Mecha (RT:7:05) Filmmaker: Jonny Mancini
In Takt -Intact (RT:14:45) Filmmaker: Johannes Bachmann
Seelenwelten- In Between (RT:8:39) Filmmaker: Flurina Marugg
Boo Man (RT: 6:10) Filmmaker: Will Kingston
AHOI (RT:19:07) Filmmaker: Filip Grujic
I.O.C. (RT:14:06) Filmmaker: Gerardo Soto
Nicole’s Cage (RT: 15:00) Filmmaker: Josef Brandl
Filmmaker Q&A

Block 3 (3:00- 4:30 PM) 120 minutes RT:90:00Believe (RT: 3:57)

Filmmaker: Michael Lindenberger
Army and Coop (RT: 85:00) Filmmaker: Dennis Hefter 4:30 - 4:55 PM
Filmmaker Forum and Q&A

4:55 - 5:00 PM Saturday Wrap Up

5:00 PM After Party at The Barfly at Alamo Drafthouse/Sloans Lake

Sunday, August 26th 2018
(Film Times Subject to Change)

Block 1 (11:00 AM - 1:00 PM) 120 minutes RT: 105:30

REM (RT: 6:18) Filmmaker: Kareem Taylor
Not Making Easy Is Movies (RT:10:12) Filmmaker: Johannes Bachmann
The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler (RT: 29:00) Filmmaker: Paul Philipp
#selfie (RT: 7:00) Filmmaker: David M. Lorenz
Backstory (RT:7:00) Filmmaker: Joschka Laukeninks
If I Was (TR: 19:00) Filmmaker: Bryan Bigler
Ugly (RT: 12:00) Filmmaker: Nikita Diakur
Irgendwer- Someone (RT:14:30) Filmmaker: Marco Gadge
Filmmaker Q&A

Block 2 (1:15 -3:00 PM) 105 minutes RT:82:30

Deal (RT: 8:48) Filmmaker: Robert Brogden
The Edge of Alchemy (RT: 17:15) Filmmaker: Stacey Steers
Near Change (RT: 9:34) Filmmaker: André Sogliuzzo
Cold Storage (RT:8:45) Filmmaker: Thomas Freundlich
Midnight Confession (RT: 10:22) Filmmaker: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
Someone Good Will Find You (RT: 8:40) Filmmaker: Leelila Strogov
Cubeman (RT:18:30) Filmmaker: Linda Dombrovszky
Filmmaker Q&A

Block 3 (3:15- 5:30 PM) 135 minutes RT: 120:00

Operation Bulbasaur (RT: 8:04) Filmmaker: Steven Sabell
Absolute Justice (RT: 1:49) Filmmaker: Eddie Portoghese
The Art of Human Salvage (RT: 9:30) Filmmaker: Dempsey Tillman
Heath Takes a Trip (RT: 24:00) Filmmaker: Ted James
Avenhart - Fade Away (RT: 4:18) Filmmaker: Bo Smith
Different (RT: 2:20) Filmmaker: Ben Lemaire
Return Safely (RT: 12:35) Filmmaker: Eric Burleson
All The World Is a Stage (RT: 1:30) Filmmaker: Hannes Rall
Walls (RT: 7:00) Filmmakers: Maik Schuster, Fatmir Dolci and Max Paschke
Gringo Bang Bang (RT:25:41) Filmmaker: Steven Sabell
Wednesday Morning (RT:7:18) Filmmaker: Mario Garza
The Inner Side (RT: 15:00) Filmmaker: Daniel Reich

5:30 - 5:55 PM Filmmaker Forum and Q&A

5:55 - 6:00 PM Festival Wrap Up

6:00 PM After Party at The Barfly at Alamo Drafthouse/Sloans Lake*Nominated Films will be announced on Monday, August 27th
**The Awards Ceremony will be on Saturday, September 8th

About Our Festival:
Bliss Productions and Historic Elitch Theatre presents:
Blissfest333 International Film Festival
In partnership with Historic Elitch Theatre, Denver Open Media, Peak Film Forum and Tenn Street Coffee and Books.We are a Multimedia, Cultural Arts, and International Film Festival. BF333 is about the community and the arts getting together in a blissful and harmonious environment. Our goal is to meet new friends, artists, and the community in a positive atmosphere. BF333 is devoted to help and raise money for charitable organizations. This year the proceeds will go towards the Historic Elitch Theatre to carry the message of Mary Elitch's Legacy with Children's Day programming, classes, workshops and events.

About the Venue:
Alamo Drafthouse delivers the best film, food and drink all in one seat. The theaters have been heralded for their unique programming events and high exhibition standards, earning accolades like “Best Theater Ever” (Time Magazine) and “The Coolest Theater in the World” (Wired).

Stay Tuned for more Updates about the Films and Filmmakers presented in this year's Blissfest333 International Film Festival.
Lets create unity in our CommUNITY!